How it Works

Creating long-term sustainability for your portfolio

We aren’t the first Co-Hosts or Property Managers on the scene

There are a lot of myths about owning real estate. The biggest of which is that it’s easy, passive income. If you landed here, you're beginning to see this isn't necessarily true.

If you’re finally ready to outsource the things you hate about owning real estate, you're in the right place. By partnering with us, we take over not only the day-to-day responsibility of running and managing your property(s), but nearly every aspect on the "business" side as well.

What does this look like?
We become the face of your property. 

Why would you want to do this?
It allows you to be fully hands off, while still generating the revenue you desire.

Our "skin-in-the-game" is that we only flourish if your property flourishes. Our model is simple - we get 20% of the annual gross revenue your property brings in. This means we are dedicated to the prosperity of your baby (your asset) - as the only way we make a living is by taking care of it and tending to it as you yourself would.

And with that attention and dedication, we aim to increase your revenue to cover the investment (and then some.)

As you can see, it's a win for you, a win for us, and a win for your bottom line. 

Work With Us

We are just one's you can trust....


what we get

what you get


20% of a property's annual gross revenue

100% of your time back and a truly passive stream of income

Work With Bozi and You Get

A Dedicated Team

Hate wasting your time trying to connect with a service rep? Work with us and you have a single point of contact. That means when you call, we will answer - and it will always be me, Nolan.

Partners Who "Get It"

Listen, we have our own skin in the game, too. We know exactly it is like to be an owner and work with tenants, guests, etc. We also understand how much your asset means to you and your bank account. We take care of them just as we would want our properties to be taken care of. 

Business Wizards

We're continuously learning about real estate and business. We bring the combination of our skills together to bring incredible results to our clients [real estate, operations management, project management, account management, marketing, and design]. How's that for one-stop-shop?

Full on Transparency

We share everything - in real time. You never have to wonder how your property is doing, what returns you can expect, or how your property is fairing with your tenants/guests.
You'll always be in the know.

You commit to the process and we commit to you

What's in it for you

What's in it for us

True passive income

Peace of mind and ease

A partner in this endeavor

Gurus for all things real estate & marketing

More money... because why else would you do it?

A career we are passionate about

Working together as a couple

A "job" that's never boring

Bringing together all of our skills

When you get paid, we get paid

Let’s increase the competitiveness of your property  and occupancy of your bookings.

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